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Taipei-July International Heavy Machinery Exhibition Exhibitor Confirmation

Early bird tickets for 2023 International Heavy Machinery Exhibition

As a heavy-duty rider, handsome and practical travel bags are also one of the equipment that riders care about. CODE OF BELL will participate in the "International Heavy-duty Motorcycle Exhibition" in July to provide riders with new travel storage proposals. Any product questions are also welcome to come to the site to inquire and test back. We are happy to serve you and sincerely invite you to participate!

International Heavy Machinery Exhibition | Early bird tickets are being requested | Buy tickets and get cash discount coupons

Free tickets will end at 23:59 on 6/30 (Fri), 2023

Heavy machinery exhibition exhibition details

Exhibition time: 7/21 (Friday)-23 (Monday) 10:00-18:00 (Friday starts at 11:00)
Exhibition location: Hall 2, Nangang Exhibition Center Exhibition address: No. 2, Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City, 115 Booth No.: X05 (facing the left side of the stage)
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