APEX LINER series 12/8 arrival confirmation! Reading I've been waiting for a long time, the first batch of products will be shipped soon (tsk tsk fundraising + official website) 1 minute Next Products pre-ordered in January have arrived in Taiwan

Goods will be shipped soon Official website & tsk tsk fundraising

Following the arrival of the goods on 12/8, after going through customs random inspection and other procedures, the goods finally arrived at the warehouse in Taiwan today; the warehouse will ship immediately after the classification of the goods is completed.
I really made you wait for a long time. Thank you to the customers who never left when the shipment was delayed, and to every customer for their advice and suggestions. We listen carefully and grow.

The first shipment of goods

X-POD II - Classic Belt Bag
X-PAK EVO - One Shoulder Ultra Performance Bag
APEX LINER MAX & PRO - Business Laptop Bag

2022/9/23 Purchase the following product shipment list

X-CASE - Large-capacity three-purpose bag
X-TOTE - Messenger Bag
ANNEX LINER - Flat Shoulder Bag