ANNEX LINER Square Bag - Supports iPad Air 10.9-inch tablet or other similar devices
A new batch of ANNEX LINER is ready to board the ship and is on the way to Taiwan. Pre-orders are open for those who haven’t bought it yet.
Square carry-on bag, in addition to storing daily belongings, the square body of ANNEX LINER can hold a 10.9-inch iPad Air or related equipment.
ANNEX LINER Crossbody Bag

Toggle Handheld Mode

The ANNEX LINER strap is detachable, and with the handle above the bag body, it can be switched into a clutch or handbag mode.

Unique thickening space

The front compartment can be expanded and the main compartment can increase the thickness. These are the unique features of ANNEX LINER. When there are few items, it can maintain a neat and flat shape. When more items need to be accommodated, the bottom button can be removed to increase the thickness of the space.
Product Size
Dimensions (mm): 310 x 220 x 30 (flat)
Weight: 390g