ANNEX CARRIER,男女都適合的輕巧肩背包,優異的防潑水性能不擔心雨天淋濕貴重物品,男女穿搭都推薦的的斜背包!
ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,前方的隔層能在您需要時自由擴展;擴展後可容納標準500毫升的水瓶。 後隔層有兩個拉鍊口袋,鮮明的橙色襯裡可讓您井井有條地放置您的必需品且輕鬆取用。 可以取下肩帶作爲手拿包攜帶。或者,也可以用作盥洗包/化妝包。
ANNEX CARRIER,男女都適合的輕巧肩背包,優異的防潑水性能不擔心雨天淋濕貴重物品,男女穿搭都推薦的的斜背包!
ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,前方的隔層能在您需要時自由擴展;擴展後可容納標準500毫升的水瓶。
ANNEX CARRIER,男女都適合的輕巧肩背包,優異的防潑水性能不擔心雨天淋濕貴重物品,男女穿搭都推薦的的斜背包!
ANNEX CARRIER,男女都適合的輕巧肩背包,優異的防潑水性能不擔心雨天淋濕貴重物品,男女穿搭都推薦的的斜背包!可以取下肩帶作爲手拿包攜帶。
ANNEX CARRIER,男女都適合的輕巧肩背包,優異的防潑水性能包不擔心雨天淋濕貴重物品,男女穿搭都推薦的的斜背包!可以取下肩帶作爲手拿包攜帶
ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包 迷彩色,為你的穿搭風格做不同的搭配。男女穿搭都推薦的的斜背包!可以取下肩帶作爲手拿包攜帶
ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包 迷彩色,為你的穿搭風格做不同的搭配。男女穿搭都推薦的的斜背包!可以取下肩帶作爲手拿包攜帶
ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,X型插扣穿搭更有型。男女穿搭都推薦的的斜背包!可以取下肩帶作爲手拿包攜帶
男包 推薦!ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,鮮明的橙色襯裡可讓您井井有條地放置您的必需品且輕鬆取用。
ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,模擬各種使用情境所選擇的扣具,讓使用者能夠變化搭配攜帶模式。斜背包推薦
ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,模擬各種使用情境所選擇的扣具,讓使用者能夠變化搭配攜帶模式。
ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,手提模式,斜背包 推薦
ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,輕巧設計與特殊造型,能夠輕鬆應對任何穿搭模式。男女穿搭都推薦的的斜背包!


ANNEX CARRIER-Light sports bag

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|Product Introduction|

ANNEX CARRIER Sport Pack: Compact yet accommodating, it fits a 500ml bottle or towel—your convenient workout companion. Wear crossbody or carry by hand. Can also attach to the Voyager Series bags.
|Product Specs|
Size (mm): 250 x 100 x 50
Expanded Size (mm): 250 x 100 x 160
Volume (L): 1.2 / 4 (expanded)
Weight (g): 200

ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,與屢獲殊榮的X-POD相比下是一個更小的版本

Compared to the award-winning X-POD, the ANNEX CARRIER is a smaller version.

ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,前方隔層能在您需要時自由擴展;擴展後可容納標準500毫升的水瓶。

▲ Front compartment can expand as needed; when expanded, it can accommodate a standard 500ml water bottle.

ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,後隔層有兩個拉鍊口袋,鮮明的橙色襯裡可讓您井井有條地放置您的必需品且輕鬆取用。

▲ Rear compartment features two zip pockets, with a vibrant orange lining for organized storage and easy access to your essentials.

ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,肩帶末端的夾子可讓您連接至包包上,以免在活動時纏在一起。

▲ Shoulder strap end clips allow you to attach them to the bag, preventing tangling during activities.

ANNEX CARRIER-輕便運動包,取下肩帶可做為手拿包攜帶。或用作盥洗包/化妝包。

▲ Detachable shoulder strap transforms into a handheld or doubles as a toiletry/makeup bag.

Dimension (inches / mm): 10 x 4 x 2 / 250 x 100 x 50
Dimension (inches / mm): 10 x 4 x 6 / 250 x 100 x 160 (when expanded)

Volume (litre): 1.2 / 4 (when expanded)

Weight: 6.4 oz / 200 g

Key Features:

- Waterproof fabric used on front compartment
- YKK water repellent zippers
- Can be worn cross-body style, over single shoulder, or as a clutch
- Removable shoulder strap to allow use as a clutch or dopp kit
Two independent compartments (front compartment is expandable)
- Two zippered mesh pockets in the main compartment
- Four shoulder strap attach points to carry it vertically or horizontally as preferred
- Shoulder strap clips x2 (plus x1 on loose end of strap)