Invisible back feeling, simple travel ANNEX 360

The ANNEX 360, which weighs only 170g, is almost unfeeling on the back, and can hold more items than traditional wallets, such as Bluetooth earphones, keys and other necessary items for going out .

Crossbody and hanger

ANNEX 360 Crossbody Wallet

ANNEX 360 means 360° flip, you can choose "slant back" or "hook" on other bags after flipping.

Composed of X-PAC and CORDURA fabrics, durable and water-repellent , it can be used safely in different weathers and environments, and the RFID anti-theft coating protects important money.

storage space

  • Dome-shaped pocket: Bluetooth headset, keys.
  • The patented main compartment contains 3 separate pockets with a zipper. Sort bills, change , and cards.
  • Hidden pocket on the back for important cards (credit cards, leisure cards).
ANNEX 360 Messenger Wallet Storage Space
ANNEX 360 Crossbody Wallet

product specification

Dimensions: 130 x 85 x 45mm
Weight: 170g