APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag
APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag
APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag
APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag
APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag
APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag
APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag
APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag
APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag
APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag


APEX LINER MAX - Laptop Crossbody Bag

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|Product Introduction|

| Product Specifications |
Dimensions (mm): 350 x 245 x 75 (folded)
Dimensions (mm): 350 x 245 x 190 (expanded)
Volume (liters): 5 (folded) / 8 (expanded)
Weight (grams): 850

For the MAX version, the opening of the "Main Compartment" is relatively shorter, making it suitable for carrying personal items. If you need to store A4-sized documents, it's recommended to place them in the laptop compartment or consider choosing a different bag model.


尺寸(mm):350 x 245 x 75(折疊時)
尺寸(mm):350 x 245 x 190(展開時)
體積(L):5(折疊)/ 8(展開)

X-PAC 防水尼龍布

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APEX LINER MAX is a versatile crossbody laptop bag for work and daily use. It supports a 13-inch laptop and offers functionality for various activities.
APEX LINER MAX Laptop Crossbody Bag

APEX LINER series offers both MAX and PRO versions, catering to your work needs anywhere. Switch between handheld and shoulder modes as required. Enjoy multiple pockets for organized storage.

Efficient Multi-Pocket Storage

APEX LINER MAX items display

Dedicated Workstation Mode

APEX LINER MAX Crossbody Bag Working Mode
The "Laptop Compartment" can unfold to 110° to transform into a personal workstation. In public spaces, the side pockets also ensure privacy protection. The compartment includes 2 sleeves and 2 zippered pockets for convenient organization and access to your work essentials. The bottom features wool and padding for both comfort and item protection.APEX LINER MAX WorkstationExpand

Expandable Front Compartment - Store Water Bottles and Towels

The "expandable" design of the front compartment allows you to increase storage space when needed. It's perfect for accommodating water bottles and towels, offering additional room whenever you require it.

APEX LINER MAX Expanded Front Compartment

Ventilated Padded Shoulder Straps - Breathable and Pressure-Relieving Design
The APEX LINER series comes equipped with adjustable ventilated padded shoulder straps, designed to alleviate shoulder burden and enhance comfort, especially in hot climates. These shoulder straps are tailored to reduce pressure on the shoulders, providing a cooling and comfortable experience even during extended use.APEX LINER MAX harness

Universal Main Compartment Pocket - Neatly Store Items for Enhanced Efficiency

The APEX LINER series features a versatile main compartment pocket designed to keep items organized, promoting greater work efficiency. The multiple pocket design ensures comprehensive storage of everyday and work essentials.APEX LINER MAX main compartment storage

Waterproof Hidden Pocket for Damp Items
A discreet elastic pocket is concealed beneath the front compartment. The waterproof material surrounding this compartment makes it ideal for storing damp items like used umbrellas or lightweight jackets.APEX LINER MAX umbrella bag

Powerful Water Repellency - Rainy Day Protection for Valuable Assets

Crafted from durable, waterproof sailcloth and featuring YKK water-resistant zippers, our bag offers exceptional water repellency. Its robust water protection capability ensures your valuable assets remain safeguarded even during rainy or snowy conditions.

Back Ventilation Padding - Safeguarding Your Laptop

Our back ventilation padding is designed to shield your crucial laptop from impacts and bumps, providing enhanced protection.

Back Luggage Strap

In the middle section of the back, there's a luggage strap that allows you to attach the bag to a luggage handle, freeing up your hands while traveling.

Back zip pocket - Fast mobile phone, commuter card

Magnetic key buckle -Quickly remove the key, no more rummaging through boxes.

APEX LINER MAX Magnetic Flap

The APEX LINER MAX features a magnetic flap design on the top of the main compartment, providing extra security for your belongings.

APEX LINER MAX Function Demonstration
Thanks to Japanese Youtuber【 imigram 】for professional unboxing

Fasteners and Fabrics

We never compromise when it comes to selecting materials and components. All our materials and components are sourced from industry leaders around the world. Now, we've taken a step further by upgrading to environmentally friendly fabrics.


Advanced Waterproof Fabric - X-PAC®

Our products are crafted using X-PAC® fabric, which has undergone rigorous testing. The "4-Layer Lamination Process" ensures optimal waterproofing, durability, and tear resistance.

X-PAC® - 4-Layer Lamination Process

  1. Water repellent coating on abrasion-resistant woven nylon.
  2. Polyester fibers for fabric stability and tear strength.
  3. Waterproof mechanism and stretchable transparent film.
  4. Polyester fibers enhance seam strength and durability.

Recycled Nylon Cloth - Cordura® USA

Made of environmentally friendly Cordura® 100% recycled nylon, abrasion and tear resistant.

Instant Item Identification - Black-Orange Contrast Lining

The iconic black and orange combination is a signature of COFB. Inspired by the MA-1 pilot jacket, this design enhances visibility in dark environments.

Water-Resistant Zippers - YKK Japan

Equipped with AquaGuard® zippers from the top-tier zipper manufacturer YKK, providing complete protection for essential items during rainy weather.

Hypalon Zipper Pulls Featuring

COFB's embossed logo on both sides, the Hypalon zipper pulls offer a non-slip grip, making them easy to grasp even when wearing gloves in winter or dealing with sweaty hands in summer.

Unique, lightweight and durable buckle