Japan Magazine BEGIN x New X-POD Mini Cross Bag Reading X-POD won the Carryology2019-|The Best Crossbody Bag of the Year| 2 minutes Next Brand Meeting - Taipei Station

Before the rise of cross-body bags, CODE OF BELL pushed this bag category to a new level with X-PAK's technical fabrics, urban style and expandability to let more people know.

After 12 months, CODE OF BELL launched X-POD again with perfect technology. A more compact and flexible product. Now this product has been promoted to the champion of the cross-body bag!

Compact yet structured, this bag features dual compartments and multiple pockets to organize your belongings, rear hidden zip pocket, side pockets for quick access, and expandable front compartment Then you can carry more items when you need them without worrying about nowhere to store them.

The durable, weatherproof X-Pac also adds a variety of carrying options. Carrying it on your back can ensure that the safety department will not block you when you are traveling, and hanging it on your chest or waist can facilitate and quickly access the items you need, so that you can feel comfortable with your belongings in a crowded space Safety.

CODE OF BELL has created a compact and convenient cross-body bag that can be easily carried throughout the day, while also incorporating functionality and urban style into the strap design. Congratulations, CODE OF BELL !