Carryology's best work package of the year was shortlisted for TOP 5 | APEX LINER MAX & PRO COFB


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The APEX LINER series is honored to be shortlisted for Carryology's best work bag of the year. Several groups of professionals in the industry selected 5 bags with both appearance, practicality and creativity. Finally, everyone voted to determine the "Best of the Year".

Voting ends 4/25

Each of the shortlisted bags is quite outstanding, so be sure to check them out.
Voting ends on 4/25. We sincerely invite every COFB bag user to vote for the APEX LINER series. Thank you very much.

Click on the website below to browse, and slide to the voting link at the bottom to participate in the voting, thank you very much.

Carryology Top 5 | Best Work Bag