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X-TYPE material upgrade: "Scorching Sun Orange Camouflage" lining, EPX environmentally friendly water-repellent fabric

Whether it is an experimental package or a material test; in order to allow users to have a better initial experience, CODE OF BELL is constantly updating and trying various possibilities.

X-TYPE functional backpack

Starting from the "X-TYPE Functional Backpack", CODE OF BELL's product liners and external water-repellent fabrics will be upgraded and updated successively. This update focuses on the "Scorching Sun Orange Camouflage" lining and "EPX Water-Repellent Fabric".

Sun orange camouflage Sun orange camouflage

CODE OF BELL cooperates with HARVEST LAB, a centuries-old Japanese bag brand, to develop the brand's exclusive "scorching sun orange camouflage" lining.

In line with the concept of the orange lining of the MA1 air force jacket: "enhance the recognition in the dark", based on this foundation, a more distinctive camouflage pattern has been developed.

EPX environmental protection water repellent fabric

EPX environmental protection water repellent fabric and X-PAC fabric

The performance of EPX (checkered pattern) and X-PAC (diamond checked pattern) are basically the same, with the advantages of waterproof, windproof, breathable, durable, lightweight, etc.; the difference is that EPX is a 100% recycled sustainable fabric, which is more environmentally friendly Friendly and recyclable is the main reason why CODE OF BELL decided to change the fabric.


X-TYPE shipping time

The X-TYPE functional backpack is expected to arrive in Taiwan in mid-April; plus the time reserved for customs, tally and warehousing, it is expected to be shipped by the end of April. If there is a delay due to force majeure, we will notify you as soon as possible.

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Thanks again to every customer who trusts and pre-orders X-TYPE. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us, or use the official Line account or contact us in the chat room in the lower right corner, and we will try our best to serve you.

I wish you all the best