ANNEX 360-揹錢包,將傳統錢包的功能濃縮後的實驗性錢包,小空間卻擁有完整錢包功能,卡片、鈔票、零錢皆能分類收納,藍芽耳機、鑰匙也可輕鬆放入。可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。
ANNEX 360-揹錢包,將傳統錢包的功能濃縮後的實驗性錢包,小空間卻擁有完整錢包功能,一條拉鍊三個口袋的專利設計讓卡片、鈔票、零錢分類收納,藍芽耳機、鑰匙也可輕鬆放入。可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。
ANNEX 360-揹錢包,獨特的圓頂型設計可放入一般錢包無法放入的藍芽耳機,一條拉鍊三個口袋的專利設計讓卡片、鈔票、零錢分類收納!
ANNEX 360-揹錢包,將傳統錢包的功能濃縮後的實驗性錢包,小空間卻擁有完整錢包功能,一條拉鍊三個口袋的專利設計讓卡片、鈔票、零錢分類收納,藍芽耳機、鑰匙也可輕鬆放入。可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。
ANNEX 360-揹錢包,將傳統錢包的功能濃縮後的實驗性錢包,小空間卻擁有完整錢包功能,一條拉鍊三個口袋的專利設計讓卡片、鈔票、零錢分類收納,藍芽耳機、鑰匙也可輕鬆放入。可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。
ANNEX 360-揹錢包,YKK防水拉鍊與X-PAC防水布料組成優異的防潑水性能,錢財在雨天時也能獲得保護,小空間卻擁有完整錢包功能,一條拉鍊三個口袋的專利設計讓卡片、鈔票、零錢分類收納,藍芽耳機、鑰匙也可輕鬆放入。可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。
ANNEX 360-揹錢包,YKK防水拉鍊與X-PAC防水布料組成優異的防潑水性能,錢財在雨天時也能獲得保護,小空間卻擁有完整錢包功能,一條拉鍊三個口袋的專利設計讓卡片、鈔票、零錢分類收納,藍芽耳機、鑰匙也可輕鬆放入。可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。
ANNEX 360-揹錢包,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。一條拉鍊三個口袋的專利設計讓卡片、鈔票、零錢分類收納,藍芽耳機、鑰匙也可輕鬆放入。可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭。
ANNEX 360-揹錢包,YKK防水拉鍊與X-PAC防水布料組成優異的防潑水性能,錢財在雨天時也能獲得保護,小空間卻擁有完整錢包功能,一條拉鍊三個口袋的專利設計讓卡片、鈔票、零錢分類收納,藍芽耳機、鑰匙也可輕鬆放入。可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。
ANNEX 360可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。
ANNEX 360可以揹可以外掛在其他包款或褲耳上的時尚零錢包;輕巧的造型揹在身上立即融入穿搭,RFID防盜刷塗層與防盜拉鍊讓財產更加安全。



Sale price$2,680.00 TWD


|Product Introduction|

ANNEX 360 signifies a wallet with a 360° flip and the freedom to use it as you please. Besides functioning as a crossbody bag, it can also be attached to belt loops and other bags. ANNEX 360 is designed to be both a wallet and something more, encouraging creative everyday use and style combinations.

| Product Specifications |
Size (mm): 130 x 85 x 45
Weight (g): 170


尺寸(毫米):130 x 85 x 45


  • 【台灣】 滿千享免運優惠
  • 【中、港、澳】享運費優惠$500。
  • 其他亞洲、東南亞國家運費$700。


  • [Taiwan] - Free shipping for purchases over $1000.
  • [China, Hong Kong, Macau] - Enjoy shipping discounts of $500.
  • Shipping to other Asian and Southeast Asian countries is $700.

※ Orders will be shipped within 1-3 working days after completion.

| The Creative Wallet for On-the-Go - ANNEX 360 |

Have you ever experienced the frantic search for your cards in a crowded train station? Feeling the sharp stares from behind, a shiver down your spine; simultaneously frustrated with why these items seem to play hide and seek just when you need them?

We're here to provide a more intuitive storage solution, allowing you to navigate the urban landscape seamlessly.

Introducing the ANNEX 360 backpack wallet, designed to meet your everyday life and outdoor activity needs.

| More than just a wallet, it's your stylish pocket.|

The ANNEX 360 backpack wallet offers full wallet functionality while also effortlessly organizing items like keys, Bluetooth headphones, and other frequently lost items within your bag.

Simply place the ANNEX 360 on your chest, and you can quickly access it with ease.

| Minimal Design, Maximum Functionality. |

Just the size of a wallet, the ANNEX 360 combines a pursuit of minimalist design with ample space to store money and daily essentials.

The patented design featuring "1 zipper, 3 pockets" constitutes the core functionality of the ANNEX 360 backpack wallet. The pockets on the "top, left, and right" sides are all independent and easily accessible with just one zipper. These three pockets allow you to systematically organize cash, cards, and coins.

Changing the Way You Use ANNEX 360.

▲ Simply attach the shoulder strap to transform it into your on-the-go wallet.

▲ The hook at the bottom of Annex 360 can also serve as an "extended attachment" for any bag or belt loop. Retrieving and storing items is incredibly intuitive, ensuring you'll never again worry about misplacing crucial cards, keys, or headphones.

Storage Space of ANNEX 360.

"3 zippers, 5 pockets + 1 magnetic clasp keyring."

▲ "Left and right side pockets" are perfect for holding credit cards and cash.

▲ The "top pocket" is ideal for storing coins and other small items.

▲ The "front round-top pocket" is designed for everyday items: car keys, Bluetooth headphones, and masks fit comfortably.

▲ The "back pocket" is suitable for storing essential cards such as a driver's license and other identification documents.

▲ There's a "magnetic clasp keyring" at the front of the shoulder strap. When not in use, you can attach the keyring to the triangular anti-theft hook at the bottom of ANNEX 360, or use the included clip to secure it to the back strap of ANNEX 360. This clip can also be used to attach ANNEX 360 to COFB series bags with woven straps or your other bags (strap width approximately 25mm).

▲ The actual product will feature an upgraded German FIDLOCK magnetic clasp (as shown above) for improved security in all the photos/videos.

| Premium Materials and Components of ANNEX 360 |

When it comes to selecting materials, components, and production lines, COFB never compromises. All materials and components are sourced from industry leaders around the world.

▲ Featuring X-PAC® Advanced Sailcloth Technology - the fabric material of ANNEX 360 boasts lightweight construction, exceptional durability, and 100% waterproof performance.

▲ Quick-access magnetic buckle - A high-tech magnetic buckle often favored by sports and automotive brands: brands like Nike, Y3, and Porsche all use FIDLOCK.

Japan YKK Waterproof zipper。

▲Hypalon zipper。

| Anti-Theft Security Design. |

RFID Anti-Theft Protection Layer

With the rise of RFID skimming incidents, we've taken security a step further by incorporating an RFID protection layer to safeguard your important cards and belongings.

Anti-Theft Metal Buckle

The metal buckle at the end of the "Hypalon zipper pull" of ANNEX 360, when fastened, prevents it from being easily pulled open.

▲ This "Hypalon zipper metal buckle" is not shown in the photos/videos presented above, but it will be integrated into the version we produce.

|Specifications of ANNEX 360 | 

Size (mm): 130 x 85 x 45 Weight (g): 170 Fabric and Fasteners Introduction:

  • Fabric: X-PAC® High-Tech Waterproof Nylon
  • Waterproof Zippers: Japanese YKK
  • Military-Grade Nylon Fabric: CORDURA
  • Zipper Pulls: HYPALON
  • Quick-Access Magnetic Buckle: FIDLOCK