CODE OF BELL-15吋筆電保護套,防潑水、可手提或安裝在COFB其他包款。
CODE OF BELL-15吋筆電保護套,防潑水、可手提或安裝在COFB其他包款。
CODE OF BELL-15吋筆電保護套,防潑水、可手提或安裝在COFB其他包款。透氣軟墊設計,提高保護力避免碰撞電腦,後背模式時減輕背部負擔。
CODE OF BELL-15吋筆電保護套,內部是標誌性的亮橘色。
CODE OF BELL-15吋筆電保護套,防潑水、可手提或安裝在COFB其他包款。透氣軟墊設計,提高保護力避免碰撞電腦,後背模式時減輕背部負擔。左右兩側口袋可放進手機等物品
CODE OF BELL-15吋筆電保護套,防潑水、可手提或安裝在COFB其他包款,手提模式。
CODE OF BELL-15吋筆電保護套,防潑水、可手提或安裝在COFB其他包款。透氣軟墊設計,提高保護力避免碰撞電腦,前側可安裝ANNEX 360背錢包與吊飾。
CODE OF BELL-15吋筆電保護套,防潑水、可手提或安裝在COFB其他包款。透氣軟墊設計,提高保護力避免碰撞電腦,後背模式時減輕背部負擔。



Sale price$2,680.00 TWD

|Product Introduction|

ANNEX LAPTOP CASE Laptop Case: Holds a 16-inch laptop; can be used alone or installed on X-PAK EVO. It can be hand-carried and held in hand. Excellent water-repellent function to protect your important assets.
|Product Specifications|
Dimensions (mm): 400 x 270
Weight (grams): 300


|Product Specifications|
Dimensions (mm): 400 x 270
Weight (grams): 300

Fits up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro
Backpack-style padding on the rear
Two zipper pockets on the back
Top handle

Fabric: X-PAC® waterproof sailcloth
Waterproof zippers: YKK from Japan
Military-grade nylon fabric: CORDURA

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The COFB laptop sleeve can be used individually or compatible with X-PAK EVO (as shown below). The A.L.C. laptop sleeve supports carrying larger laptops (16-17 inches).

▲Laptop Sleeve Perfectly Integrated with X-PAK EVO

When installing the A.L.C. laptop sleeve on the X-PAK EVO, we recommend purchasing the backpack harness accessory as well. Since it can carry larger laptops, the backpack harness accessory will provide better weight distribution and comfort.

If you own an X-PAK EVO, please look at the Hypalon webbing on the upper sides of the backpack. If you see a hole on the Hypalon webbing, that's where you can attach the laptop sleeve, as shown in the image below.

Length (inches / mm): 16 x 10.5" / 400 x 270

Weight (oz/g): 11 / 300

Key Features:

- Fits up to a MacBook Pro 16"
- Padded rear panel for backpack mode
- x2 zippered pockets on rear
- x1 D-ring
- Top grab handle