Refund policy

Return Policy

According to the Consumer Protection Law of the Republic of China, online shopping products have a seven-day appreciation period. The returned product must be in new condition, and ensure the integrity of the packaging and all accessories in order to enjoy this guarantee. 

1. Transaction Notes

. The number of products provided on this website is limited, please complete the ordering process as soon as possible after selecting. Putting in the shopping cart does not mean that you have completed the ordering. If other users have completed the ordering process before you complete the ordering process, the system will notify you Your item has been sold out, please remove it from the shopping cart.

. You must place an order according to the confirmed quantity and price mechanism provided by the script website. The company accepts your order, except that it is rejected with justifiable reasons within 2 working days after the order is placed. However, if you have paid, unless otherwise provided by law, the transaction is deemed to be established.

. Sites are required to set a limit on the number of items that individual consumers can order per order. When an order is placed beyond the upper limit of the quantity or the same consumer places multiple orders with multiple accounts, this website is only responsible for the delivery of goods according to the upper limit of the quantity for a single consumer.

. The delivery of goods on this website is based on the method you choose and specify when you order, and the price of goods does not include shipping. However, if you meet certain promotional conditions, the company will pay the shipping cost according to the shipping method you choose. If you do not meet the shipping discount conditions due to the return of some products, the company will charge the original shipping fee for the order from the amount of your cancellation refund (the shipping fee is subject to the announcement on the website when you place the order).

. You may exercise the right to rescind the contract within 7 days after the arrival of the goods in accordance with Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act. Please note that the hesitation period is not a trial period, and is only for your evaluation of whether to purchase the product. If you actually use the product, it may affect your right to cancel the contract and refund.

If the company will refund you by law or contract, you agree that the company will refund the refund to your online account on this website first. You must settle the balance of your online account at any time and apply for a refund to your physical account, and the relevant handling fee shall be borne by the company.

. The product pictures may have color difference due to the relationship between the web page and the shooting angle. They are for reference only. Please refer to the actual supply and the actual product in the store.

2. "Return and Exchange Instructions"

The product must be in a new, unused state, kept clean and not watered or otherwise cleaned, and the packaging and all accessories must be intact.

The calculation basis of the hesitation period for appreciation: 7 days from the day after the consumer receives the product (for example: 1/1 sign for receipt or pick up, 1/2~1/8 need to apply, 1/9 if it is overdue, it will not be accepted. accepted).

Please apply through the "Contact Us" function, or private message "LINE" or "Facebook"

Only the entire order is accepted for return and refund, and the return and refund of some items in the order cannot be accepted.

Except for the defects of the product itself, overseas purchases do not apply to the service of the seven-day appreciation period.

3. "Unable to handle return or exchange"

Item is soiled, used, watered, or otherwise cleaned.

The product body, related accessories, original packaging, warranty, etc., the items or documents included in the shipment are in short supply or damaged.

Life series (fully customized products) do not meet the return and exchange agreement during the e-commerce online shopping appreciation period.

Applications made after the seven-day appreciation hesitation period has passed.

In the event of any of the above, we will not be able to process a return for you.

4. "Exchange"

If you find that the product does not match the ordered product when you receive it, please contact the customer service staff as soon as possible to handle the exchange. When making a replacement application, please fill in the following information and inform the customer service staff

Customer service:

Order number:





To replace the original product you want to receive (name, style, etc. specifications):

*Not due to defects in the product itself, wrong product content, etc., the postage fee for replacement must be paid by the consumer.

If you have any related questions, please use "LINE@ Official Account" or "Facebook", and a customer service staff will contact you.

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