Packable Rain Cover (for X-POD)
Packable Rain Cover (for X-POD)

Packable Rain Cover (for X-POD)

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|Product Introduction|

Whether the X-POD front compartment is flat or unfolded, the rain cover fits snugly.
In case of downpours during commuting, travel or outdoor sports, this lightweight and packable rain cover will further protect the valuables inside the X-POD. The built-in pouch is also convenient for storage without the need to carry a separate bag.

Specially designed rain cover for X-POD.

Whether the front compartment of X-POD is flat or expanded, the rain cover can fit snugly. If you encounter heavy rain during your commute, travel, or outdoor activities, this lightweight and storable rain cover will provide extra protection for the valuable items inside X-POD. The built-in pouch also makes it convenient for storing without the need for an extra bag.