Founded in 2017, CODE OF BELL (COFB) is a functional bag brand hailing from California, USA.

COFB is dedicated to creating daily Carrywear™ collections that blend aesthetics and robust functionality. Their unique designs feature X-PAC® and CORDURA®, offering exceptional waterproofing and high-strength bag structures. Whether for work or travel, from urban settings to the wilderness, CODE OF BELL provides stylish and innovative carrying solutions for everyday life.

With distribution points in the US, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Thailand, CODE OF BELL has a global presence.


Turning bags into an extension of style and pockets

Bags are an integral part of our daily attire. Beyond providing primary storage space, the incorporation of "multi-pocket functionality" allows quick access to frequently used items (tickets, keys, etc.) within the bag. Moreover, bags can expand, fold, or accommodate additional bag styles, offering versatile options to increase or decrease storage capacity.


Winner of Carryology's Best Sling Bag of the Year Award


The classic X-POD waist bag was awarded the "Best Sling Bag of the Year" by Carryology in 2019. It has also been featured in various international media outlets and shared in videos by over dozens of YouTubers from around the world.