Three-purpose bag specially designed for travel and professional workers|X-CASE Reading Traveling lightly, a lightweight traveler between the city and the journey | X-POD II-Classic Waist Bag 2 minutes Next Invisible back feeling, simple travel | ANNEX 360-back wallet

Lightweight waist bag & chest bag for walking around the city and traveling

Example of using X-POD Classic Crossbody Bag

A must-have product for city shuttles and free travel, the X-POD II classic belt bag perfectly combines storage, practicality and aesthetics. The exquisite bag body design meets the needs of modern urbanites for light travel.

X-POD II Black
X-POD II expansion space

Move with ease in a bustling city or on an adventure. The front compartment expands so you can easily accommodate items large and small when you need them, from water bottles to towels, for easy storage and easy access.

X-PAC waterproof canvas

Highly water-repellent fabrics such as CORDURA and X-PAC, and carefully designed details and craftsmanship allow you to maintain a confident demeanor in any weather environment.

X-POD Magnetic Keychain

Magnetic quick release keychain, multi-pocket design and practical expansion space, X-POD II is your excellent partner for adventure and city roaming.

The limited edition color scheme is sold out and will not be reproduced

X-POD II classic fanny pack, the currently launched global limited edition color matching is about to be sold out, and will not be reproduced when sold out, so stay tuned!

X-POD II limited color matching

|Product Specifications|
Dimensions (mm): 350 x 130 x 50 (when folded)
Dimensions (mm): 350 x 130 x 160 (unfolded)
Volume (L): 2.3 (folded) / 7 (unfolded)
Weight (grams): 382


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