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GQ Trend Culture Festival- COFB X GQ SHOP


CODE OF BELL cooperated with GQ SHOP to participate in Taiwan's quite iconic fashion trend conference : " GQ Trend Culture Festival".

COFB will showcase our most classic and latest bags on site. We will all participate in the festival at the venue. If you have any introduction needs, please private message social media, and we will appear to meet you !

In addition to COFB , many Internet celebrities and celebrities in the fashion circle, as well as the most popular trendy items are also invited to the scene, let's dig treasures together !

Good place to dig treasure

Celebrity second-hand market, selection store, trendy brand market Energy supply station: music stage, art exhibition area, food market Skateboarders must play: skateboard arena.

Activity Information

Date| 2023.08.05 (Sat) - 08.06 (Sun)

Time| 12:00 - 20:00Location |Zhengyan Pavilion, Taipei Flora Expo Park

Ticketing channel| GQ PASS , Klook activities

Ticket link