What is CORDURA ® high-strength nylon cloth?

During the Second World War, the American DuPont Company developed "wear-resistant" and "tear-resistant" CORDURA ® fabrics. Because the unique structure of the yarns improved the strength of the yarns. The strength is more than double that of ordinary conventional adventures, so the fabrics woven from them have very good tear resistance and wear resistance.

Since then, CORDURA ® has become synonymous with "military canvas", used in individual soldier equipment such as rucksacks and tactical vests. The US military even regards the durability of CORDURA ® as the material standard for public military products.

Why did COFB choose CORDURA ® fabric?

We want our users can change their bag style according to the usage situation. Not only in the office and also outdoor can be full of challenges and functional bags. It is not a bag with many pockets that will be a functional bag, the function also needs to take into account "easy to use" and "durability"; CORDURA ® has the characteristics of wear resistance and tear resistance, which fully meets the requirements of COFB for products. Except in extreme cases, CORDURA ® is not damaged. reason for dropping.